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 Title: Pink, Ballerina Fairies
Author: Braceface_freak
Genre: Romance/AU/Humor/Fluff
Characters: The Doctor(10), Rose Tyler, Eva Tyler(baby)
Pairings: Doctor/Rose
Rating: All ages
Summary: Silly, little oneshot inspired by No.17 of the September Picture Prompts.The Doctor discovers he has a new fetish in a roundabout way.

Doctor Who does not belong to my. I’m only allowed to play with them sadly.
And please do the thing that I know every other author ask you to do....REVIEW!
It really does make our sad lives worth it!
(By the way this story was inspired by No. 17 of the September Prompts on Time and Chips.)

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Title:  Death?
Rating: PG
Characters: Tenth Doctor
Pairings: Implied Ten/Rose
Spoilers: Doomsday, Daleks in Manhattan and Evolution of the Daleks
Summary: A drabble (exactly 100 words) all about what is going through the Doctor's head when he tells the Daleks to kill him in Evolution of the Daleks.

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